Product Review:
Total-Body Dexterity Tester
US Patent #5,211,562


This completely portable manipulation test provides objective measurements of manual dexterity under conditions that require awkward postures common to maintenance or repetitive assembly operations – including postural tolerances such as reaching overhead, stooping, crouching or kneeling.  It evaluates the functional impact of cumulative trauma disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome

Innovation at Work

The Total-Body Dexterity Tester was invented and patented by Rick Wickstrom, PT, CPE, CDMS to measure manual dexterity in different work postures during WorkAbility Fitness Screens and Functional Capacity Evaluations.  While performing this unique work sample, the subject's hand and wrist undergo a complete functional range of motion.  In 2008, this product was re-engineered to make it more compact and lightweight. 



The Total-Body Dexterity Tester may be administered at a variety of heights, allowing the examiner to evaluate the subject’s tolerance for sustained work postures and job modification needs. 

This work sample is a key component of the versatile and completely mobile WorkAbility FCE System.





Total-Body Dexterity Tester Kit stored in ERGO Tote

“The Total-Body Dexterity Tester is a MUST for any therapy provider that sees patients with upper extremity Cumulative Trauma Disorders." 

-Mark Basich, PT, CEA, CWT Innovative Work Solutions

WorkAbility FCE Equipment

Standard Price

The standard professional price for the Total-Body Dexterity Tester and Clamp is $595.  Free Shipping is offered to WorkAbility Network providers.

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