Product Review: Ergo Totes Set

Until recently, objective assessments of lift/carry abilities and work conditioning were performed only in clinics with equipment that was too expensive and cumbersome for field applications. An increasing demand for therapy services at work-sites created a need for highly mobile equipment. This consulting niche was driven by the realization that workers could be safely transitioned back to productive duty in less time at their work-sites, where the therapist could also provide coaching with respect to work methods or equipment to address worker performance barriers.

Innovation at Work

In collaboration with Gary Fay of Machine Development Corporation, Rick Wickstrom (a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Professional Ergonomist and Transitional Work Developer) developed durable and highly mobile equipment set to support assessment of worker lift/carry capacities and work conditioning activities at clinics or work-site where space is limited.

The resulting Ergo-Totes Set combines features of durability, portability and space-efficiency to allow physical capacity assessments and conditioning of key work abilities that include:

  • Lifting at various levels (pallet, knee, waist, chest, overhead)
  • Bilateral and unilateral carrying
  • Stepping capacity (height-adjustable from 6” to 10”)


The Ergo-totes set includes: One-Handled Ergo-Tote, Two-Handled Ergo-Tote, Ergo-Tote Lids (2), 5# unmarked sandbags (8), Protect-Sheets (2), and Reebok 5-Step. The fiberglass totes are stackable for ease of storage and transport to worksites or other clinic locations.

Standard Price

The standard professional price for the Ergo-Totes Set is $745 plus applicable tax and shipping. A preferred vendor discount on this product has been negotiated for all Workability Network providers and TWP Company Affiliates that order this product from Workability Systems, Lafayette Instrument Company or


Training in applications related to the use of this product may be obtained by enrolling in one or more Workability Network courses in the training series, Forging Transitional Work Partnerships:

  • Workability Fitness Screen (WFS) Applications (6 CEUs)
  • Workability Job-Site Analysis Applications (6 CEUs)
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Applications (6 CEUs)

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