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Workability Network was formed by independent physical therapy practitioners who saw the need for an Ohio-based network of industrial rehabilitation specialty providers within an infrastructure of standardized protocols, medical reviews and continuing education. It's Board of Directors is dedicated to bringing consistent quality and value to industry through a comprehensive network of dedicated professionals. From a variety of on-site services, clinic-based rehabilitation programs and assessment to comprehensive functional capacity evaluations, the WorkAbility Network is able to professionally and efficiently service their clients (Industry, Case Managers, Vocational Rehab Managers, and Physicians).

WorkAbility Network uses their relationship with our affiliates and independent therapy providers throughout Ohio to provide a reproducible product that involves the industry-worker-medical triangle that promotes safe and timely return-to-work through enhanced communication and detail-oriented reporting.

WorkAbility’s services can augment existing programs or we can design and implement strategies to assist in workplace/clinical therapy, ergonomic and transitional work programs that ultimately create an environment conducive to a smooth transition from acute injury, and to return to productive duty and resolution claims.

WorkAbility Loss Control Model


Drug-Free Workplace

Workability Injury Assessment

Restricted Duty

Functional Job Analysis

Work Practices Review

Medical Treatment

Workability Fitness Screen

Ice or Heat Applications

Transitional Work Therapy

Job-specific Exercises

Job-specific Exercise Review

Functional Capacities Examination

Work Practices Training

Non-prescription Medication

Independent Medical Evaluation

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Fax (513) 672-2552
eFax (440) 348-2351

"As a Vocational Rehab Case Manager, I appreciate the quality and responsiveness of services by WorkAbility Network. Our clients receive excellent evaluations and therapy services to support their transition back to productive work. At the work-site or in the clinic, WorkAbility is our first choice for successful outcomes. "

- John B. Dumas III RN, BA, CCM

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