Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Transitional Work-Site Therapy **
This consists of productive work and therapeutic activities at the work site to assist the injured worker with work restrictions in progressing to FULL DUTY in a targeted job. Therapeutic activities may include progressive conditioning, training in safe work practices, periodic re-assessments of work restrictions, job modification assistance and care conferences with all concerned parties.

Out-Patient Clinic Therapy **
An individualized therapy program performed at a convenient clinic that is focused on return to work goals during the acute and sub-acute recovery phase. Aquatic therapy is available as some provider locations for clients that do not tolerate weight-bearing activities during therapy.

Work Conditioning Program **
This individualized therapy program is focused on regaining optimal function and return to work through an active program that includes physical conditioning and job simulation tasks. This service is justified when there is a vocational goal (job title), but the injured worker does not have to the option to perform transitional work duties in a specific job.

** The supervising therapist provides regular updates of the worker’s functional progress based on objective tests and measurements. Our Workability Treatment Plan includes a convenient review and sign-off area for the Attending Physician.

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