WorkAbility Network provides services, software, equipment and training to promote excellence in functional capacity evaluation, ergonomic job analysis, worker fitness screening, advanced worker rehabilitation programs.

Why WorkAbility Network?

In today's business climate, rising costs related to workers compensation claims are a primary concern for most employers. The challenge is finding ways to implement a cost-efficient program that includes elements of prevention, early intervention, and medical management. Our WorkAbility Model for loss control is a proven methodology that is based on employers' best practices for prevention injuries and resolution of unnecessary work restrictions and lost time claims.

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WorkAbility Network (WAN) is a valued resource for employers, physicians, case managers and claims representatives. Our delivery of individualized therapy services at convenient work-site or clinic locations improves worker compliance and safety during the transition back to productive duty.

Our mission is to deliver professional rehabilitation services that improve worker safety and productivity. We create functional outcomes that shorten the timeframe from date of injury to return to FULL DUTY or MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement).

Customer Benefits

  • One-Source Contracting with over 100 clinics and work-site providers.

  • Centralized Referral Coordination relieves administrative burden.

  • Regional IME Centers provide one-stop convenience or extent of disability exams by therapy, medical, and vocational experts.

  • Medical Reviewers facilitate cost-effective medical management and claims decisions.

  • Provider Training assures quality and consistency of therapy services.
  • TWP Affiliate Program supports Transitional Work Programs by access to TWP Tool-Kit materials, informative articles, web casts, and development of preferred providers for therapy, medical care and case management .

Unsure Which Services Are Most Appropriate?

Download our referral indicator guide for assistance selecting the most appropriate service to resolve specific claims issues.

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